The Charity

The most important thing in life is the ability to make a difference.

That's Why We're Here

I want to make a difference in the world, more so then just opening up my checkbook and donating.  I want to help make other peoples lives easier while at the same time giving back to my favorite charity and benefiting the lives of Veterans. That is how WordPress For A Cause came to be.

My full time job is at a marketing agency where I make WordPress sites for a living. I've been able to see how having a clean and crisp online presence has had an impact on their business. Now, I want to be able to pass that on to others, while at the same time helping out the Durham Warriors Project.

I hope you can see the purpose behind my mission and choose to have your website created with a greater meaning. I hope you choose to WordPress For A Cause.
Zero Risk To You
I do not require an upfront deposit. This is for charity, so I am relying on when the good will of the participants that when the time comes, they will be generous to the charity and make a donation. 
Fully Responsive WordPress Site
Every WordPress Site I build is engineered to work just as well on a Mobile Phone as on a computer. I will work with you to ensure that the website looks exactly how you want it to look.
Good Karma
You will never give me any money directly. Everything is going to the charity. I mean everything. Trust me, you are going to feel great knowing that the money you would have spent with an agency on a website is going to help a great cause! Plus, your website is going to look just as amazing!

The Process

How does it work? Glad you asked! If you choose to create your website with WordPressForACause, here is what you can expect:

Initial Design Consult

This journey starts with a simple email. Simply let me know who you are and what it is your looking for as well as some other information you can find on my Contact Page. From there I will review it, reply within 24-48 hours and start the design discussion.

Constructing the Website

Once I feel like the project is in a great place to launch, I will begin designing the new site on my own private server. If you have a current website, no need to take it offline at this point. Once a draft is together, I will send it to you for any comments, suggestions, or ideas you may have.

Making the Donation

Once the site is done and its in a place we are both happy with, it's time to make the donation to the Durham Warriors Project. I will direct you to their website where you can give directly to the cause via their PayPal link, and you will feel awesome afterwards!

Blasting Off!

Once the donation is made and I have verified it through a screen shot that you have sent, it's time to go live! We would figure out the details of this when the time comes as every situation is going to be different.

Happy Dance!

You have an amazing website and we both are doing the happy dance because we've made an amazing difference in the lives of veterans and other non-profits!

Sound like a plan?

Contact Me!
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