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You've got questions. I have answers.

Who are you? Can I see some of your work?

I am an internet marketing professional and WordPress designer with years of experience. The reason why I am not disclosing my identity is because of a non-compete agreement I have with my current agency. Technically this isn't competing because I am not making any money from this, but I wouldn't want to run any risks. It is for that reason why I don't have a portfolio to show. All of the sites we make have our agency information on it, so I wouldn't want to devalue the work of our agency by doing this project or get in hot water at the office. This is why I am not requiring an upfront deposit, or in this case donation, so there is no risk on your end.

How big of a site can you build?

I am limited by the parameters of WordPress, but I am very proficient with the platform. For this project, anything that would require a custom code which would require me to have a developer intervene is where I would draw the line. I am not going to create the next Google or Facebook for you, but I can sure help you take your small business to the next level!

How big of a donation are you requiring?

I am not putting a set amount on donations. Typical WordPress sites can run you anywhere from $500-2000 depending on the complexity. If you were to go through my agency, you would have to pay $75 an hour for my time. I am encouraging you to be as generous as you possibly can as it is for charity.

Does that mean I can get a website for $1?

I am going to be devoting all of the free time and energy that I possibly can to making sure that your site is exactly how you want it. This project is actually costing me money, which I am more then willing to commit to the cause. Honestly, if you are looking at this as the opportunity to get a cheap website and not as an opportunity to make a difference, this is not for you.

I am a supporter of "Insert Other Charity Here". Can I donate to them instead?

You can donate whatever you want to whoever you want. I can't stop you. However, for this project, I am requiring that all donations are towards the Durham Warriors Project. I built this campaign for them because they have made a difference for me personally, and by donating to another charity, that motivation I had is gone. 

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! How sweet is that! TAX EIN # 46-1511841

I need my website by tomorrow, can you help?

Short answer? No. Long answer? A lot of the time frame is actually dependent on you and the content you provide. If you give me all the wording and the pictures I need to put together your website, I may be able to turn it in less then a week. If not, it'll take longer most likely. However, since this is a project I am going to be taking on in my free time, plan it taking a week or two. I will give you an estimate in the consultation based on the specific needs of your site.

What is the best way to contact you?

Email is going to be the best way, just because taking non-agency work related calls during the day is frowned upon. However, outside of working hours, I am more then willing to jump on a call if we agree on a time beforehand!

Any additional questions?

Contact Me!
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